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ORLOana Luca is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (BS ’08) and Yale University (MS ’10, PhD ’13) where she worked with Professor Robert H. Crabtree. Her postgraduate work in inorganic and physical organic chemistry at Caltech in the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis and the Scripps Research Institute addresses applications of electrochemical methods for the synthesis and interconversion of chemical species in organic reactions. This work has direct applications to battery, fuel cell and solar device designs as well as electrosynthetic methods for functionalization of organic compounds. Her scientific interests span a wide range of research fields from the engineering of devices for energy production and storage, to molecular orbital interactions in surface science, to electrochemical applications in organic synthesis, polymer recycling and in operando assessments of product distributions.

The Luca Research Lab

at the University of Colorado

We are an interdisciplinary research group that aims to solve problems related to catalysis, energy sciences and sustainable chemical transformations.

We harness the power of electrons and holes as reagents in complex multi-step chemical transformations. At the same time, we use a variety of analytical tools to monitor the transformations in real time to inform reaction optimization and gain mechanistic understanding of processes we are studying.