Lab News!!!

April 2019

Tessa Myren successfully passes her 2nd year oral examination! CONGRATS!

Zach Mast is awarded the GreenLabs/CHEMunity scholarship to attend the University of Washington Green Chemistry Certificate Program in 2019/2020.

Zach Mast is awarded a UROP summer assistanship! Huge Congratulations!


March 2019

Jonas Kulberg-Savercool joins the group!


January 2019

Zach Mast joins the group! Welcome!


December 2018

Our group’s paper on Mn NHC pincers for carbon dioxide reduction is out! Congrats Tessa, Alyssia, Chloe, Taylor and Will! Go team! Check it out:


Tessa Myren is awarded the Chemistry Department’s Sewall Fellowship !!!

October 2018

Tessa, Chloe and Taylor attend ACS Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico!



August 2018

Luca Lab wins the CU Green Labs Fume Hood Challenge raffle!!! 🙂 That sash was closed.

Luca group attends the Gerischer Electrochemistry Today Symposium at the University of Colorado! Very excited about the prospect of carbon dioxide reduction in zero gravity.

Mikayla heads back to Gonzaga after a summer of spectacular science! She remains a member-at-large.

July 2018

Our first paper is out! Congrats to Trevor, Alyssia and Taylor! They report a new mechanistic tool for carbon dioxide reduction electrocatalysis!

Check it out!

June 2018

Mikayla (Gonzaga) joins the group for the summer! Welcome!

Our first paper is in Proofs in ChemistrySelect!

May 2018

Maximilian joins the group! Welcome!

Tessa is accepted to NGenE at University of Illinois at Chicago! Congrats!!

April 2018

Chloe Huntzinger joins the group! Go team!

February 2018

Alyssia departs for sunny California for a job with the LAPD! We will miss you!

July 2017

Alyssia’s research is highlighted in University of Colorado’s A&S magazine!

Tessa Myren (Princeton, BS) joins the group! Welcome!

June 2017

Research on direct electrochemical cross-couplings in the Luca Group is highlighted in C&E news! 🙂 New ACS GCI ignition grant program names winners


May 2017

Trevor Donadt joins the group as a Research Associate! Welcome to the team!


April 2017 

Charles Martin finalizes his research requirements for his Masters Degree! Congrats!


March 2017

The Luca group is awarded the ACS Pharmaceutical Roundtable Ignition Grant! We will be working with scientists from Merck to develop catalyst and electrolyte-free electrochemical cross couplings! 🙂


January 2017

Luca Group welcomes Alyssia Lilio joins the group as a Postdoctoral Scholar! Welcome! 🙂

Luca Group is excited to have Taylor Stinson as a new undergraduate Researcher in the group!