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Phil wins Beverly Sears award!

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Phil who has won the Beverly Sears award by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences! @Jan 2022

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Haley selected for DOE Program in Carbon Sequestration!

Haley Petersen is selected for the Department of Energy Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration Program! Congratulations! @December 2021

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The Latest on Thermodynamics of Direct Air Capture is out in PCCP !

Congratulations to Haley for the amazing paper and coverart. The paper can be found here.

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Chapter on Group VII Organometallic Pincers is out in Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV!

Congrats to Tessa, Haley and Shea! Chapter can be found here.

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Haley is Awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship!!!

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Haley, Tessa and Shea’s paper on electrochemical methods used in material recycling is in press!!

Article is available here!

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Tessa selected as the 2021 Heh-Won Chang, PhD Fellow in Green Chemistry by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute!!

Thank you ACS Green Chemistry Institute and the Chang Family!!!

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Review on Mn Pincers Out! Congrats Haley and Tessa!

Check it out online:! Amazing science!

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Oana attends the Negative Emissions Science Scialog 2020!

50 Amazing young scientists and engineers from across research fields in one zoom room: 2 days of great discussions, borderline- crazy ideas and nothing but the greatest mentors and organizers!

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Tessa, Taylor, Chloe and Zach develop new ways to recycle PET polymers!

The team strikes again! New chemical and electrochemical methods for the breakdown of polymer wastes are the topic of our new paper:

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The Luca Research Lab

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We are an interdisciplinary research group that aims to solve problems related to catalysis, energy sciences and sustainable chemical transformations.

We harness the power of electrons and holes as reagents in complex multi-step chemical transformations. At the same time, we use a variety of analytical tools to monitor the transformations in real time to inform reaction optimization and gain mechanistic understanding of processes we are studying.