The Teamsters!


Tessa Myren G4


Tessa Myren grew up in Pierre, South Dakota where she worked in her mother’s veterinary hospital. She graduated from Princeton University withan AB in Chemistry. There, she used electrochemical methods to investigate reversible redox couples for use in redox fuel cells. Tessa joined the Luca lab in July 2017 and is currently working on developing manganese pincer compounds for carbon dioxide conversion. In her free time, she enjoys video games, D&D, reading, and writing science fiction.

Contact: Tessa[dot]myren[at]colorado[dot]edu

Haley Petersen G2


Haley is a graduate student who joined the Luca lab in December 2019. She aspires to use chemical research to address fundamental sustainability issues and currently focuses on carbon dioxide conversions. She received her B.S. in chemistry from the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she worked with the Lichtenberger group on [FeFe]-hydrogenase mimetic electrocatalysts. She is the recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship 2021!

Contact: Haley[dot]petersen[at]colorado[dot]edu

Shea O’Sullivan G1


Shea is a California native who got her BS in Chemistry from UC Berkeley in 2019. As an undergrad, she worked on the chelation of actinides under biological conditions, for applications in cancer treatment. She is now a graduate student at CU Boulder, and enjoys hiking 14ers, skiing, and writing in her spare time. She joined the Luca group amid the Spring 2020 pandemic and is working on sustainable catalysis for the conversion of nitrogen to high value chemicals.


Contact: Shea[dot]osullivan[at]colorado[dot]edu

Kara Jacobsen Undergraduate Researcher

Kara Jacobsen is entering her second undergraduate year in the Chemical and Biological engineering program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. While she is keeping her options open to the profession she plans on pursuing in the future, she is allowing her passion for chemistry and global improvement to guide her closer towards her ideal career. Apart from her academic aspirations, long term hobbies of hers include painting and exercise, and she is branching out into new hobbies including hiking, interior design, and cooking.


Taylor Stinson – BS, 2020

Chloe Huntzinger -BS 2020

Zachary Mast – BS 2021

Anna Barrow – BS 2021 (Bates)

Mikayla Hudak -BS 2020 (Gonzaga)

J. William Horstman – graduate research assistant – MS

Charles Martin – graduate research assistant -MS, Instructor CU Boulder Chemistry

Alyssia Lilio – postdoctoral scholar – 2017-2018 – LAPD forensics

Trevor Donadt – research staff 2017-2018, Cornell Engineering Graduate Program