The Teamsters!

Taylor Stinson

Taylor Stinson Undergraduate Researcher

Taylor is in the process of completing her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder and she a part of the triathlon team at the university. She wants to pursue a career as a physician (M.D.) in order to help people within the medical field and she enjoys learning chemistry and human anatomy. She joined Luca Lab January 2017 and looks forward to continuing projects with electrochemical catalysis.

Contact: Taylor[dot]stinson[at]colorado[dot]edu


Tessa Myren

Tessa Myren, G2

Tessa Myren grew up in Pierre, South Dakota where she worked in her mother’s veterinary hospital. She graduated from Princeton University withan AB in Chemistry. There, she used electrochemical methods to investigatereversible redox couples for use in redox fuel cells. Tessa joined the Luca lab in July 2017 and is currently working on developing manganese pincer compounds for carbon dioxide conversion. In her free time, she enjoys video
games, D&D, reading, and writing science fiction.


Contact: Tessa[dot]myren[at]colorado[dot]edu


Chloe Huntzinger

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 6.42.21 PM
Chloe Huntzinger Undergraduate Researcher

Chloe is in her third year of the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology program at the university of Colorado, Boulder. With her love of science, she hopes to pursue a career in research. Chloe joined the Luca Lab in March 2018. In her free time she loves to read, and play volleyball, as well as enjoy the Colorado weather with her family and friends.


Contact: chloe[dot]huntzinger[at]colorado[dot]edu



Zachary Mast

Zachary Mast Undergraduate Researcher

Zachary is in his second year at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Chemistry and Music. He hopes to pursue a career in research following his time at CU and plans to attend graduate school. In his free time, he enjoys mountaineering, reading, and playing the clarinet.

Contact: zachary[dot]mast[at]colorado[dot]edu











J. William Horstman – graduate research assistant – MS

Charles Martin – graduate research assistant -MS, Instructor CU Boulder Chemistry

Alyssia Lilio – postdoctoral scholar – 2017-2018 – LAPD forensics

Trevor Donadt – research staff 2017-2018, Cornell Engineering Graduate Program